The 5th Asset Class

We believe that crypto tokens represent a rapidly growing global asset class that will, in time, take its rightful place alongside traditional asset classes such as bonds, equities, real estate, and commodities. Tokens marry VC-style risk reward with the liquidity of money markets. Token exposure will soon be regarded as critical to any portfolio (especially given low levels of correlation with other asset classes).

Protocol layer investing via paid API Keys(tokens)

Beyond Bitcoin, we believe that a small number of mega “utility- creating” , $ Trillion crypto network protocols will be instantiated under a public blockchain architecture in the next few years. These networks will be freely accessible via their tokens (akin to paid API keys). The enormous value/utility created by these protocols will be reflected in the values of their tokens, which represent a new investing and technology paradigm.

Blockchain, the next generation of the internet.

Exemplary team

Stellar, globally located core investing and advisory team that combines deep technical knowledge, rich crypto domain expertise, and technology investing and operating experience.

Smart investment

Proprietary, algorithmic models drive the investment filtering, identification and allocation process.

Early Access

Unparalleled, unmatched early access to the most promising and coveted ICO’s and crypto developer teams globally.